About Public Health and Communities

The Public Health and Communities directorate is dedicated to uplifting communities in Suffolk and promoting healthy living. Our approach is grounded in a set of values that guide our work. We believe in the potential of our communities and leverage their skills and connections to create meaningful change.

Our efforts are inclusive and targeted, ensuring that we allocate resources where they are needed most. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and take steps to ensure that our work is sustainable.

Our approach is tailored to the local context, recognising that each community has unique challenges and strengths. We work hand-in-hand with our communities, co-creating plans and projects with them. We are data-driven and evidence-based, ensuring that our decisions are robust and grounded in research.

We are flexible and innovative, adapting to changing needs and situations. We recognise that sometimes we need to lead and sometimes we need to support other partners to lead. Above all, we are passionate about creating a healthier future for everyone in Suffolk.

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