Ways we work

Information about the types of flexible working and workplace options available to staff.

Flexible working

As a modern and effective council, we understand the importance of being flexible and well-connected in the ways we work. That's why we offer a variety of flexible working options to our staff.

We also recognise that employees have different needs when it comes to balancing their work and personal lives. Here are some of the flexible working options that may be available to staff:

  • working part time hours (eg different hours/days to those advertised),
  • job sharing,
  • working compressed hours (eg a nine-day fortnight),
  • term time working (including partial term-time working),
  • use of flexitime / time off in lieu,
  • hybrid working options, including some home working,
  • working from different council buildings,
  • working adjusted core hours (eg starting later and finishing later or other patterns).

Due to the diversity of roles and working styles within the council we cannot guarantee these options are available to all staff, so please check with the hiring manager stated on the advert before you apply.

We also offer a range of family-friendly policies to support our staff.

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Workplace options

In addition to flexible working options, many roles within the council also offer the option to work from home. This is known as 'hybrid working' and will be stated in the job advert if this is an option.

Where hybrid working is offered, usually there is an expectation that you will split your hours evenly between home and on-site. However, this can vary, so please check the advert and speak to the hiring manager stated in the advert for more information.

Some roles do not allow hybrid working due to the requirements of the role. For example, staff within our Home First service work within the community, supporting vulnerable adults to get back on their feet. This work can't be undertaken from home, so these staff are 'community-based'.

We also have some roles which are entirely based within council premises, such as staff working within our Residential Children's Homes. These staff have an 'onsite' workplace type.