Career Pathways

Information about some of our career pathways at Suffolk County Council.

A wealth of opportunities

As one of the largest employers in Suffolk, our size and scope provide a wealth of opportunities and career pathways for all. Start your journey now by learning more about some of our career pathways.

Social Work
Supporting vulnerable members of the community, of all ages, to live safely and independently.
Home First
Giving back to the community by providing care at home.
Health Visiting
Working in the community to provide support and advice to families with young children.
Children's Homes
Roles that focus on overseeing the general welfare of children in children's homes, acting as caretakers and role models.
Occupational Therapy
Helping people, of all ages, overcome the challenges they face completing everyday tasks or activities.
Educational Psychology
Providing psychological advice and support to young people and their families and carers.
Working together to keep Suffolk and its residents safe by tackling different issues, including fires and flooding.
Town Planning
Working in the community to inspect buildings and land, and managing the development of new areas.