Our Values

About our organisational WE ASPIRE values: Wellbeing, Equality, Achieve, Support, Pride, Innovate, Respect and Empower.

Our mission is to make a positive difference for Suffolk. We are committed to working together, striving to improve, and securing the best possible services.

Our organisational WE ASPIRE values and behaviours are shaped by staff and they set the expectation of how people will do their jobs. Evidence of these values and behaviours is an integral part of our performance management framework.

Our WE ASPIRE values

  • Wellbeing: We look after ourselves, each other and the planet.
  • Equality: Respecting, valuing, embracing, and celebrating everyone’s unique differences.
  • Achieve: We are the best we can be.
  • Support: We work as one team.
  • Pride: We are passionate about making a positive difference to the people and place of Suffolk.
  • Innovate: We believe in making every penny count, every minute matters and reducing environmental impact.
  • Respect: We give and earn respect.
  • Empower: We empower, encourage, and motivate.

Our values are at the heart of everything that we do. They underpin our approach to performance, reward, and well-being. They define the relationship between the council and our people.

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