Transport Strategy

A service dedicated to creating a safer, more sustainable, and more connected Suffolk.

We are responsible for developing the transport network in Suffolk, and ensuring people have the options to travel safely and sustainably.

The service consists of the following teams:

  • Strategic Transport and Policy - developing the framework for an evidence-based transport approach in Suffolk through the Local Transport Plan.
  • Transport NSIPs and Technical - supporting development through approval and inspection of highway works and adoption of new streets.
  • Transport Planning - developing active travel interventions and providing local highway authority advice to planning applications.
  • Transport Scheme Delivery - delivering new transport schemes from small scale interventions to major schemes.
  • Transport Travel and Safety - leading on travel behaviour change, training and road safety advice.

By working with us, you'll have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from across the county and beyond, building new relationships and skills along the way.

We're on the lookout for creative thinkers who aren't afraid to ask tough questions and seek innovative solutions.