Suffolk Archives

Maintaining the county's historical documents and preserving the past for future generations.

The role of the Suffolk Archives team is to help deliver on the Suffolk County Council strategic priority to 'strengthen our local economy', and specifically to maximise economic opportunities that benefit everyone.

The Suffolk Archives team hosts outreach activities to engage with new communities of interest and place as well as schools and other organisations, supports local schools, colleges, and Universities with curriculum development, and supports skills development and well-being through an extensive volunteer programme.

We structure our work around the following key areas:

  • Accepting, preserving and maintaining the county's historic archives,
  • Carrying out and supporting research into these archives,
  • Interpreting and re-interpreting these archives for events, exhibitions and talks,
  • Carrying out outreach activities to gather new archives and connect with diverse communities,
  • Using the archival material and premises to commercialise the service,
  • Providing volunteering opportunities to support well-being, reskilling and encouraging people in to work.