Planning, Housing and Growth

How our teams supports the residents of Suffolk.

We have a well-established housing approach that will be executed over the next decade. The approach is multifaceted and encompasses working with a number of partners to accelerate delivery of housing on county council owned land including:

  • Leading on sustainable and low energy usage housing,
  • Working closely to deliver community benefits alongside new housing,
  • Working with district housing companies where opportunities arise to deliver sites,
  • Working with specialist providers to deliver exception sites and housing for vulnerable children and adults.

The Housing team's main objective is to accelerate and support delivery of the council's strategic priorities through high-quality residential development that maximises social value, providing the type of homes Suffolk needs across a range of sites whilst meeting our climate and sustainability commitments.

The Planning team engages with all aspects of the planning system for the county council, including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs). The team actively inputs into local and neighbourhood plans to support district, borough and parish councils and secures contributions towards infrastructure from new development.

Our current objectives are:

  • Recruiting and retaining people with commitment to sustainable development.
  • Ensuring equality and inclusion is factored into all the work of the team.
  • Raising the profile of enforcement as part of improving the quality of proposals and community confidence.
  • Embedding biodiversity net-gain.