Policy and Performance

Our policy and performance team plays a crucial role in navigating the way to improved delivery of public services.

By harnessing the power of data, we set the direction for impactful change.

The Policy and Performance service provides advice and expertise on policy issues to support council leadership. We work alongside local partners and networks to identify opportunities that align with our corporate objectives and the best interests of our community. We attempt to make a positive impact through collaborative solutions.

If you join our team you will:

  • Guide our performance reporting and risk management processes, providing vital insights to inform strategic decisions.
  • Lead corporate benchmarking, identifying best practices that allow us to excel.
  • Ensure transparency for our stakeholders, coordinating open data and adherence to good governance codes.
  • Partner with directorates to implement robust performance frameworks, leveraging data to enhance programs.
  • Pioneer use of analytics and tap into new technologies to model policy impacts.
  • Help plot the course to more effective, equitable public services that make a real difference for our community.