Assets and Investment

Assets and Investment brings together our procurement and property functions.

The Assets and Investment service brings together our procurement and property functions, along with the client responsibility for the Wholly Owned Companies. Our Corporate Property team oversees the council’s property interests, providing strategic advice, guidance, and decision-making on key property matters.

From over 1,200 assets, our team of Chartered Surveyors, Technicians, and Project Managers are responsible for keeping the council's buildings healthy and safe, transforming the council's property estate, and dealing with non-operational properties. We're also proud to oversee 12,217.80 acres of council-owned county farmland, making the council the third-largest landowner in Suffolk.

Our Procurement team delivers a professional service to help the council procure goods and services within the rules set out by the Public Procurement Regulations. We consider legal requirements and market and commercial risks while ensuring outcomes support the council’s policies and priorities.