Intelligence Hub

Our Intelligence Hub which provides systems support, enable evidence-based service delivery, and handle statutory reporting across services.

Previously, there were three teams within the council that provided information, data, interpretation, and insight, and these sat within the Public Health, Children and Young People, and Adult Social Care directorates. These teams have now been brought together under the leadership of a single Assistant Director, with the aim of sharing technical skills and knowledge, and maximising the strategic impact of data and intelligence within Suffolk County Council and within the Suffolk system.

The Children and Young People (CYP) Intelligence Hub is a group of Intelligence Analysts, Data Specialists, Systems Experts and Systems Trainers who work across the Children and Young People directorate.

The role of the team:

  • To develop understanding of data and intelligence across the business through effective oversight of local reporting.
  • Create the tools and technologies that assist in developing an effective evidence-based approach to service delivery for the people of Suffolk.
  • Complete all statutory returns to government bodies.
  • Effectively maintain and develop key case recording systems and deliver system training and support using a multitude of platforms.

Some key roles within the intelligence hub service include:

  • Intelligence Hub Leads,
  • Business Intelligence Architects,
  • Education Leads,
  • Intelligence Hub Officers.