Business Services

Business services teams provide essential operational support functions to our children's services.

In addition to our frontline teams, Children and Young People's Services (CYP) relies on these dedicated teams. These roles are key enablers, helping us effectively serve children and families across Suffolk.

  • Executive Personal Assistants and Personal Assistants provide high-level administrative and organizational support to our executive leadership and management teams. Their scheduling, correspondence, and project coordination efforts are vital to keeping operations running efficiently.
  • Our Business Support Officers - Data Protection play a crucial role in ensuring we handle sensitive information with proper safeguards and compliance. They implement data protection policies and procedures to secure confidential records.
  • Business Support Coordinators take on supervisory responsibilities, overseeing administrative workflows and staff. Their coordination promotes consistency and quality across our business support functions.
  • Business Support Managers are experienced leaders who strategically guide our administrative operations. They optimise processes, implement best practices, and ensure our business services align with and enable CYP's core objectives.
  • The Information and Governance Manager is tasked with developing, implementing and enforcing CYP's information management policies. This role champions data integrity, security and guides governance to facilitate the ethical, controlled flow of information. 

Our Business Services personnel are instrumental to our success. Their crucial work in areas like administration, coordination, data and governance allow our frontline teams to provide key services to young people and families.