Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS)

How our Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS) manages financial assessments, direct payments, the regional Macmillan Benefits Advice Service and more.

The Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS) has seven teams with very different roles and responsibilities.

  • We assess people’s financial contribution to their residential or community care charges, give advice and help maximise their income. We also recover outstanding debts for unpaid contributions.
  • We monitor and administer direct payments to people who wish to use their personal budget to source their own social care and support.
  • We support people who are unable to manage their financial affairs, acting as their corporate appointee or court-appointed deputy.
  • We provide training and specialist support to practitioners inside and outside the council.
  • We deliver the Macmillan Benefits Advice Service in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Roles within this service include Visiting Officers, Macmillan Benefits roles and specialist finance roles.