Internship programme

A 12-week paid summer internship for current university students to gain beneficial work experience to begin their careers.

We offer a 12-week summer internship programme, an incredible opportunity for current university students to gain beneficial work experience to begin their careers in the workplace, whilst being paid. The Suffolk Partnerships Internship Programme is a stepping-stone to success and aids the build-up of knowledge and understanding of local government.

The interns are recruited in a cohort, with previous years having groups of over 20. They are placed within teams across the county and district councils and given a challenging and exciting workload. The work that they are given is meaningful and influential, which gives the interns a level of responsibility. We value the work that our interns complete whilst on placement and know how much interns have to offer our organisation in the form of new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Group of young people standing on the steps of a council building smiling for the camera in a group photograph.

We work in partnership with Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council and East Suffolk Council under the Rising High brand to provide our internship programme. Rising High was established to increase training and career options for young people in Suffolk, and has allowed us to offer opportunities across the county.

The programme commences in June, with applications opening in December of the previous year. Applicants will go through a modern application process, including submitting a written application and participating in an in-person assessment centre at one of our offices in Suffolk.

To be eligible for the programme you should be currently undertaking a degree-level programme and be eligible to work in the UK.

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